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CALM for the holidays

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Take 25% off

CALM for the holidays

Use Code 21CALMER1 |  Expires 12/26/21

The Right Magnesium for Stress-Free Serenity

When it comes to easing stress, not all magnesium is created equal. Some forms work better with your body and are highly absorbable.

For the ultimate CALM experience, it’s all about magnesium citrate and glycinate. These work best with your body and give you the flexibility to get your anti-stress magnesium any way you choose.

Great Product!

Great Taste and calming drink. I drink it over ice now since it’s warmer. Definitely eases stress.

Sleeping like a puppy


Helps me relax so that I can fall asleep. Great product!


Calm is part of my life. I enjoy it daily. The packets are great for travel. Magnesium is so fundamental to energy management it’s amazing everyone doesn’t know about it. Thank you Natural Vitality!