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20 Easy, Stunning Eco Gift-Wrap Ideas

This year forget the prefab wrapping products and turn to nature and what’s around the house for creative wrapped gifts that are guaranteed to illicit oohs and aahs. Think outside the roll while looking around the house, and you’ll be surprised what works as wrapping—old T-shirts and maps, for instance. Take a walk and collect items to decorate packages (hint: the kids will love this). Ready to wrap it up? Grab your scissors and tape and check out our list of eco wrapping ideas:


    • A sprig from your Christmas tree

    • Fresh branched herbs like rosemary and thyme

    • Cinnamon sticks

    • Holly from the garden

    • Pine cones

    • Twine from your junk drawer or garage

    • Old holiday decorations

    • Star or snowflake hole-punch to be glued onto wrapping paper

    • Used/leftover holiday cards from previous years

Wrapping paper

    • Whole Foods paper shopping bag

    • Newspaper

    • Brown paper bags

    • Old T-shirt, pillowcase or unused fabric

    • Mini Kraft bags for gift cards, cookies, etc.

    • Old maps


Used/leftover holiday cards from previous years