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3 Ayurvedic Rejuvenators

Get a taste for India's ancient healing tradition, Ayurveda, with these easy practices.

Sip a lassi. In India, this popular yogurt drink is a favorite among young and old alike for maintaining healthy digestion. Simply dilute any flavor yogurt with purified water to desired consistency and sip. For a savory digestive lassi, add to diluted plain yogurt a pinch of cumin, ground ginger and coriander, and blend.

Dry brushing. This Ayurvedic treatment of gently brushing the body with a dry brush before bathing is said to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system (a vital player in immune health) and remove dead skin cells. Once a week, before your shower or bath, lightly brush the skin with small strokes toward the heart with a natural-bristled brush. Finish with the abdomen.

Get into hot water. Sipping a mug of warm water throughout the day is a common Ayurvedic practice to stimulate cleansing. Adding fresh lemon juice to warm water and sipping before breakfast can stimulate the liver and clear ama, toxins, from your body. It can help stimulate bowel movements as well. Add a pinch of cumin or ginger for a digestive boost.