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3 Summer Crops Anyone Can Grow

There are some crops that are so easy to grow and add flare to so many summer meals that they are worth planting—even if in a container. Here are three suggestions for crops that anyone can manage.

The great thing about a lettuce plant is that its leaves grow quickly and keep on coming for months. This means that you can get that garden-fresh salad taste anytime. Plus, just-picked greens will offer more nutrients. Consider planting these varieties:

Lolla Rossa—Looks pretty in containers.
Salad Bowl—Keeps on growing; just trim as you go.
Oakleaf—Best picked at baby-leaf stage, but can also be grown to a head.

There is no denying that a fresh-from-your-garden ripe tomato tastes so much better than store-bought versions! Since it’s a vertical grower, a tomato plant is easy to grow in a pot on its own. Consider planting these varieties:

Litt’l Bites—A compact plant that can give you hundreds of cherry tomatoes.
Fourth of July—This easy-to-grow variety can produce ripe fruit within 49 days of planting.
Tiny Tim—A great variety if you need to plant indoors.

Adding fresh basil leaves to just about anything—salad, pasta, sandwiches and soups—can add an instant taste of summer. When you have your own plant to pluck from, you save money, and unused leaves don’t go to waste. Consider planting these varieties:

Genovese—An easy-to-grow variety of sweet basil that’s super versatile.
Thai—This cousin to sweet basil has a hint of licorice flavor.
Minette—The tiny leaves of this unique basil are both edible and look fantastic as a garnish.