5 Ways to Ease Baby’s Dry Skin, Naturally

Apricot oil: For a newborn, nothing beats apricot kernel oil. This light oil resembles the skin’s natural oils, allowing it to penetrate easily. You can buy organic food-grade apricot oil in any natural products store. Simply apply liberally to baby’s skin after bathing. Because apricot oil is edible, you don’t need to worry about baby sucking on hands or toes.

Skip a bath: A daily bath can dry out the skin and certainly isn’t required in cold winter climates. As long as you are keeping a baby’s bottom clean, give the rest a break from the drying effects of a bath. If you live in a particularly cold and dry climate, even a bath just once or twice a week is fine for babies, and you’ll notice skin is less dry.

Shorter bath time: Although older babies typically love bath time, when they are suffering from dry skin it’s best to limit splash time. While bathing cleans skin, it also removes its natural oils, causing dryness. Additionally, using the coolest bathwater you can will remove less of the skin’s oil, resulting in less dryness.

Run a cool mist humidifier: Heaters, essential in cold months, have the negative side effect of drying out the air. Cool mist humidifiers return moisture to the air and are worth the while in rooms where a baby spends a lot of time. A cool mist humidifier versus a warm mist will humidify larger rooms and can’t burn a crawling baby.

Use a natural clothing detergent and opt for cotton: Opt for a natural clothes detergent that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or perfumes. These additives can all dry out and irritate skin. Also, dress your baby in 100 percent cotton clothing, preferably organic. Soft, natural fibers won’t irritate already dry skin.