7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

Are your skin and hair ready for a dose of inexpensive and natural TLC? Time to break out the coconut oil! One jar of this rich oil offers a bevy of DIY beauty treatments. The rich scent of real coconut oil also gets you in a warm-season state of mind, regardless of the time of year.

Coconut oil is incredibly high in saturated fats known as medium-chain triglycerides, which can have anti-inflammatory benefits and improve the lipid and moisture content of the skin. These fats, along with antioxidants, make coconut oil a natural go-to for skin and hair care.

What kind of coconut oil you purchase is important. Experts agree that you need to get unrefined coconut oil, which ensures that it retains all of its beneficial naturally occurring ingredients. It’s also important to buy organic, food-grade, cold-processed coconut oil, since your skin will be absorbing it. Most natural product stores offer high-quality organic, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil. It may be expensive, but one jar will last a long time.

7 ways to use coconut oil for skin and hair

All-around moisturizer

Use coconut oil as you would a lotion; apply to your skin just after bathing, when it will more readily absorb into your slightly damp skin.

Frizzy hair

To tame unwanted frizz, rub about a dime-sized amount of coconut oil between your palms. Run your hands through your hair well to evenly distribute the oil.

Shaving balm

Men and women can enjoy the healing benefits of coconut oil when used while shaving; just skip traditional shave cream and apply coconut oil instead. It can also be used as an aftershave balm to soothe skin.

Baby lotion

Because it is so pure, coconut oil is a nice all-around baby skin product. Use it for infant massage, lotion and diaper cream and to soothe cradle cap.

Body scrub

Mix coconut oil with sugar for a luxurious body scrub with a scent that takes you to the tropics. Use about two-thirds sugar to one-third oil. Apply scrub in the shower before turning the water on and then rinse with warm water. The shower floor will be slippery, so be careful.


Tips, lips and toes

You don’t have to refrigerate it, so you can fill smaller pots with coconut oil and keep in convenient locations around the house, in the car and office and apply as needed to dry lips, cuticles and dry feet before bed (cover with socks afterwards).


Makeup remover

Coconut oil will remove even stubborn mascara. Simply dip your fingers into the jar, apply to closed eyes and gently rub with soft cotton.