Buy, Swap or Sell-Used Clothing on the Web

A growing trend of online storefronts for recycled clothes could prove an easy and fun way to shop more sustainably.

Here, you can shop for a surprising array of previously worn clothing. We're not talking just tees and jeans; you'll find Prada, Max Mara, Banana Republic and other big names.

Not only is it a great way to reduce your eco-footprint, it's much less expensive than new clothes'especially for kids who need new duds every time you turn around.

A new article of clothing takes more resources to produce than many of us realize. Cotton, a common fiber for clothing, is also one of the most pesticide-heavy crops. Polyester is made from petroleum and can off-gas potentially dangerous chemical compounds. And we won't even start with the dyes and health risks for textile workers.

With more clothing and footwear going online, it makes sense that consignment shops would do the same. Many of these sites feature clothes swapping as well, where no money is exchanged.

Note: Check what the different buying standards are for each site to ensure the clothes are in good shape and clean. Buy and sell women's, men's and kids' brand-name fashions here. Don't spend a dime at this fun clothing-swap site A great site for high-end fashion like Prada and Vera Wang. A new site dedicated 100 percent to swapping. From wedding gowns and prom dresses to soccer cleats, and all local. This buy-and-sell clothing site is dedicated to children's clothing.

Have any experience buying used clothes online? We'd love to hear your comments.