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4 Print Magazines You’ll Want to Read

In today’s digital world it can be easy to forget the joy of leafing through a paper magazine that you hold in both hands. There’s a tactile experience you get with a print magazine that simply can’t happen with content on your iPad or phone. Plus, you can rip out pages you like to post

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Grab Markers and Color Your Way to Calm

Even if you don’t consider yourself “artistically inclined,” it might be time to get out the markers, paints or clay. According to a new study in the journal Art Therapy, making art has been shown to lower levels of stress hormone, no matter what skill level we possess. In the study,

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The Calmful Art of Surf Photography

Even if you’ve never surfed a day in your life—or have no desire to—this footage of internationally renowned photographer Brian Bielmann at work will have you riveted. Not only does he inspire with his talent for capturing the world’s best waves and surfers, but he reminds us that fearlessly following our passions is the surest

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No Photoshop but a Lot of Patience

Smiling Assassin I get asked about this picture the most. I wanted to make an image that had both strong eye contact and visible teeth, to bring out the character and personality of this crocodile. I slowly and cautiously approached, maintaining strong eye contact and light fin movements to avoid stirring up the

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Exploring the Depths with Award-Winning Photographer Matty Smith

By Dave Soref Matty Smith is an award-winning wildlife photographer whose use of innovative underwater camera techniques, like the “half over/half under” approach, have led to some stunning and unique images that allow us to peer beneath the ocean’s surface in new and exciting ways. Smith emigrated from his native Britain to Australia

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Grab Your Markers, Adults; It’s Time to Color!

By Radha Marcum Senior Editor More often than not, my end-of-day stress relief comes in the form of browsing Facebook for news and inspirational articles over a glass of wine. There’s nothing wrong with this scenario, I suppose, except that neither one of these activities seems to truly decompress my already overstimulated mind.

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Feeling the Growing Love for Felt

By Anna Soref, Editor in Chief Felt—you might equate it with grade-school crafts, but DIYers are going nuts with this versatile medium made from wool, and increasingly artists are creating masterpieces with their own handmade felt. What’s so cool about felt? For starters, it’s unique from other fabrics because it isn’t woven.

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