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How to Build a Natural Travel First-Aid Kit

Summertime is prime time for packing your bags and taking a trip. But getting away can mean getting hit with some common travel ailments, from bug bites and stomachaches to sunburns and colds. Fortunately, it’s easy to build a natural travel first-aid kit that keeps you and your family healthy without having to worry about

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DIY Easy and Natural Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer can be a great way to get clean hands when a sink isn’t available. Many of the hand sanitizers sold, though, contain nasty chemicals that are worth avoiding. Here’s an easy recipe for natural hand sanitizer from the natural health bloggers Jon and Erin Stewart. We like that you can scent it

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4 Clever Ways to Reuse Tea Bags

Next time you brew a cup of tea, rather than tossing the used tea bag in the trash or compost bin, give it a second life. Some varieties lend themselves well to brewing a second cup, but you can also use them to beautify your house and yourself. Freshen Up Your Fridge

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6 Ways to Scentual Stress Relief

Whether it’s simply taking a quick whiff of a calming essential oil before drifting off to sleep or mixing a few drops into your favorite body oil, aromatherapy can be a powerful complement to your other self-care practices. Here’s a practical guide to help you choose the right oils, based on what you need right

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Candied Ginger: The Ultimate Easy Homemade Gift

By Sonnet Lauberth, In Sonnet’s Kitchen Ginger is an amazing remedy for nausea, motion sickness, an upset stomach, inflammation, headaches, cramps, gas, and bloating. Fresh ginger can have a bit of a bite to it, so it’s often an acquired taste for children and those with sensitive palates; but this recipe is a

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DIY Floral Candle (The Prettiest Candle Ever!)

By Gaby Burger, Hello Natural I haven’t met a single gal who doesn’t love flowers; so if you like making candles, I’m pretty sure you’ll also love this spring-inspired DIY. There’s nothing like some fresh flowers to get you into the mood for spring—even if the weather isn’t necessarily cooperating where you are. This

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Glow Girl with DIY Hydrating Face Scrubs

Winter’s cold exterior temperatures and dry, heated interiors can leave your skin flaky and dull. To exfoliate and moisturize, try these easy at-home scrubs featuring delicious ingredients from your kitchen. After applying, avoid harsh soaps and cleansers. Instead, gently rinse face with warm water and blot dry with a cotton towel. When refrigerated, extra

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2-Step DIY Antibacterial Spray

By Sonnet Lauberth, Holistic Health Coach, author of In Sonnet’s Kitchen For decades, store-bought cleaning products made with bleach were the standard for disinfecting surfaces and cleaning. However, with chemical sensitivities on the rise, many people are looking for natural and safer alternatives to traditional cleaning methods in their homes. This is where the

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Celebrate Hanukkah with a Beautiful DIY Olive Oil Menorah

Rita Milos Brownstein, author of Jewish Holiday Style (Simon & Schuster, 1999), created this DIY menorah project to highlight what the menorah symbolizes: the ancient story of the oil that was said to burn for eight days when it was only supposed to last for one. Children will love making this menorah, which consists mostly of

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