DIY Floating Herb Garden

Whether you grow your herbs or buy them at the market, chances are that once you clip what you need for that night’s dinner, the rest get lost in the back of the fridge. Instead, float your herbs around the house with this DIY floating herb garden.

Not only will the herbs last longer, but they will green up your home and scent the air. You can use Mason jars or upcycle your empty Natural Calm bottles for this project.
What You’ll Need

Invisible hanging wire
Bunches of herbs or flowers
Natural Calm bottles or Mason jars
Twine for decoration
Lace for decoration
Burlap for decoration
Mod Podge


1.  Start by cutting a piece of galvanized wire large enough to fit twice around the mouth of the jar. Then cut this in half.
2.  At the center of each piece of wire, create a loop and twist the wire 3 times at the bottom of the loop.
3.  Wrap one piece of wire once around the mouth of the Natural Calm bottle or Mason jar, and twist the wire around the bottom of the loop to secure it.
4.  Repeat this process with the second piece of wire, creating a loop on each side of the Natural Calm bottle or Mason jar.
5.  Cut 15–20 inches of the invisible hanging wire. The length of the wire will depend on where you’re hanging the bottles and how short or long the wire needs to be to hang them.
6.  Thread the ends of the hanging wire through the loops and tie a knot on each loop with the ends of the string.

How to Decorate

1.  The bottles can be decorated multiple ways. Here, we wrapped burlap around the bottle and added lace and twine. To do this, paint the bottle with Mod Podge first, then apply burlap and glue on the lace and twine.
2.  Fill the bottle halfway with water and decorate with bunches of flowers or sprigs of fresh herbs.