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Eat Drink Paleo

By Anna Soref, Editor in Chief

So I have to admit that until now I pretty much assumed that the Paleo diet consisted of meat, meat, meat. I had never done much research into it because I figured that since meat isn’t my thing, why bother? The Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook by Irena Macri (also author of the blog Eat Drink Paleo) has certainly broadened my understanding of the Paleo diet—and done so in a nonassaulting my-way-or-the-highway kind of approach. Thus it’s not just the awesome food photography and 112 recipes that make this book a useful and pleasurable read but also the author’s accessible tone.

Macri does a tidy job of describing the essentials of the Paleo diet and gives resources for those readers who want more of the nitty-gritty. You’ll learn that, yes, meat is a big deal in the diet; but you can also eat nuts, seeds, certain fruits and vegetables, oils, dairy and so on. In fact, the only really big no-no with Paleo is grains and refined sugars. While I can’t argue the latter, I personally couldn’t exist without grains like brown rice and beans. But Macri lays out in a clear way why the diet eschews grains and beans, and as throughout no bullying or scare tactics are used. She even encourages tailoring the diet to suit your personal needs, which for me would include organic whole grains and beans.

The recipes in the book are plentiful and span a wide range, including breakfast, snacks, desserts and a fun Make Your Own section that offers Paleo takes on basics like hummus and ketchup. Baked recipes such as Hazelnut Pancakes with Blood Orange Sauce and Banana Bread rely on nut flours rather than traditional wheat flours. Vegetarian entrées include dressy numbers like Ratatouille Cake and Zucchini Carbonara (this calls for bacon, but that’s easy to sub out). You’ll also find what you might expect in a Paleo world: Roasted Rib Eye with Rocket Chimichurri and, with a nod to the author’s current Australian home, Kangaroo Skewers.

I am reviewing the e-book version of the Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook. With its gorgeous images and easy-to-use layout and links, this e-book certainly proves that a cookbook need not be print to be a success. I will certainly be pulling up some of these recipes on my kitchen iPad and cooking them.

If you want to learn more about the Paleo diet but don’t want to feel like it’s the only option out there—that maybe you’ll just want to dabble in it—then give the Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook a read.

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