Eco Cool T-Shirt Tote Bag

We all have them—those old T-shirts collecting dust in the closet. Bring them back to life by turning them into tote bags—no sewing required. Got a bunch of shirts? Turn them into bags for gifts or use them as gift bags. You can hide logos and designs on the inside, or if they’re cool, show them off on the outside of the bag.



Items needed

Cotton T-shirt


Note: Follow the picture instruction sheet.

  1. Cut out the sleeves of the T-shirt, one at a time.
  2. Cut out the collar of the T-shirt, bigger than the sleeve holes. Leave about 2 inches of fabric between the top of the collar hole and the sleeve holes on both sides. These are your bag “handles.”
  3. Cut ½-inch-wide strips up about 2 inches along the bottom of the shirt.
  4. Turn the cut-up shirt inside out.
  5. Lay it flat so the seams are even. Now take a strip along the bottom and tie it to another strip on the opposite side of the shirt. Continue to do this with each strip across the bottom of the shirt until they are all tied together and there is no opening at the bottom of the shirt. Note: If you find a small opening between the ties along the bottom, just take one of the strips and tie it again but with the knot right next to it.
  6. Turn the shirt right side out.
  7. You now have a tote bag. Decorate it with paint, ribbon or beads.