ecoATM: Recycle Your Old Cell Phone for Cash

When new cell phones or tablets enter the marketplace, yesterday's hot technology can quickly become obsolete'for some consumers. For others, the device still has value as an affordable alternative, or even as spare parts.

A growing company, ecoATM, finds second homes for three-fourths of the phones it collects at its free-standing kiosks, sending the remaining ones to environmentally responsible recycling channels to reclaim any rare-earth elements and keep toxic components from landfills.

The company's databases are now trained with images of more than 4,000 devices, and when an identification mistake occurs, the system learns from that mistake. It can even tell the difference between cracked glass on a phone versus a broken display or bleeding pixels.

When a user places their device into an ecoATM kiosk, the AI system conducts a visual inspection and identifies the device model. Using proprietary algorithms, the system then determines a value for the device based on the company's real-time worldwide preauction system. Within that system, a broad network of buyers has already bid in advance on the 4,000 different models in eight possible grades, so the kiosk can immediately provide compensation.

For locations of the 340 kiosks around the country, visit www.ecoatm.com.