Eden Retreats: Down-to-Earth Health Respites

Want a vacation that’s more than sightseeing and drinks under an umbrella? Eden Retreats might have what you long for. Their retreats are developed with the purpose of restoring health to guests, with a refreshingly authentic, down-to-earth approach.

What caught our attention about Eden Retreats is the nonglitzy approach and emphasis on small groups, quality foods, and detox programs. Guests come to go inward, not hobnob at a fancy pool.

Based out of Spain, with retreats also available in Mexico and Iceland (yes, Iceland!), Eden’s programs benefit from the experience of its owner, Freda Gaisie-de Bruijn, who healed herself by following a natural lifestyle after doctors had told her conventional medicine offered no cures for her health conditions. “This inspired me to want to help others,” she says.

Eden offers four unique-focus retreats: Detox, Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Weight Loss. Each includes a combination of deep relaxation, spa treatments, outdoor activities like hiking and swimming, cleansing and live, organic foods. Education is also offered so that guests can return home with information to make lifestyle changes.

One thing we like about Eden Retreats is the emphasis on affordability; pricing starts at about $225 a day, which includes accommodations, meals, spa trips and more. A pretty good deal when you compare it to many other retreats.

The program in pristine Iceland came about from a client’s experience. “One of our customers who had great results after visiting us for five days owns a hotel in Iceland and approached us to help him set up the same concept in his hotel; so we now work in partnership with them,” Gaisie-de Bruijn says. The hotel is located on a small peninsula into Lake Ellidavatn, near the capital of Reykjavík.

Gaisie-de Bruijn says that they are looking to open retreat centers in the US; but in the meantime, English is spoken at all locations.

To find out more, visit edenretreats.com