Farmers’ Market at Your Doorstep

The Internet makes ordering gifts and artisan products these days pretty darn easy—a few clicks and they’re on their way. But often you have to guess on the quality and where they were made. We’ve discovered a website offering products that adhere to our strict ingredients and sourcing standards, like certified organic and non-GMO when possible. Farm to People carries small-batch products that you’d find at a favorite farmers’ market made by farmers and artisans.

Some products that caught our eye: Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is made from heirloom seeds that have been in the same family for generations; the bundle of Summer Favorites from Hudson Valley Seed Library is a collection of heirloom seeds that are easy to grow for part-time gardeners, urban farmers or people who want to experiment a bit; Beth’s Farm Kitchen Watermelon Rind Pickles are watermelon rinds marinated in a sweet brine infused with ginger slices. You can get to know the farmers and artisans making the products by clicking on Meet Our Producers.

Farm to People is the brainchild of Michael Ray Robinov, who dreamed up the idea in high school while working at New York’s Union Square Farmers’ Market. “It was great being able to connect the food I was eating and selling with the farmers growing it and the farm where it was grown. I loved being able to know exactly where my food was coming from and who was making it,” he says. Currently he is taking a break from college to dedicate himself 100 percent to the endeavor.

At present, Farm to People’s products are made and sourced in the northeastern US, where Robinov lives. “I have discovered them in markets in New York, Brooklyn, the Hudson Valley, Philly and on trips to Maine and Vermont. Also, some wonderful producers have reached out to and found us. So that’s always great—when the product finds you,” says Robinov.

The small company is quickly expanding and will soon have regional hubs that offer products from around the country so that shoppers can order farm products made close to home or experienced while visiting. “We are just now starting to bring on more perishable products like local cheeses and breads, so stay tuned as we grow our collection.”

Quality is very important to Robinov and is reflected in the company’s sourcing standards, which include only buying products that are made from non-GMO plants. “I really believe in the benefits of non-GMO heirloom seeds that have been preserved and nurtured for ages. The flavors are so much more complex and delicious when fruits and vegetables are grown in rich, nutrient-dense soil and in their original, ancient and beautiful form.”

Ultimately, Farm to People’s goal is to support local food systems everywhere and bring people farmers’ market–quality products even when they can’t get to the market.

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