Feng Shui: 8 Tips for an Attractive, More Peaceful Bedroom

Would you like to add more harmony and visual appeal to your home but don't feel that you have the time or resources? Consider feng shui. This ancient Chinese design system can bring elements of harmony and visual appeal into a home easily, and in many cases free.

Dana Claudat is a Pyramid School Feng Shui consultant, writer, designer, and founder of the feng shui lifestyle blog The Tao of Dana; she loves to help people bring this art and science into their homes easily and creatively without adding more stress to busy lives.

"On a basic level, bettering your home in any way qualifies as feng shui in my book," Claudat says. "One piece of art, one home repair, or even one great house cleaning all qualify as implementing feng shui in your house; there are infinite numbers of small ways that you integrate feng shui into your life."

Because the bedroom is usually out of sight, it's too often overlooked when it comes to design. But a bedroom deserves attention for a variety of reasons. "Your bedroom is the room of rejuvenation on a cellular level. Sleep may be the most passive part of our day mentally, but it is so vital physically," points out Claudat. "Also, bedrooms are associated with our intimate relationships, and what you see when you first wake in the morning colors your day."

Taking a bit more pride in your bedroom, no matter how simple it is, can really boost your self-esteem and also can help you sleep more soundly, according to Claudat, who offers these tips for a healthy and appealing bedroom:

    • Keeping the air fresh in your bedroom is a simple tip to create harmony and peace. Even cracking the windows open for 10 minutes before bed and then closing them can create a fresh sleep space.
    • Keeping your closets free of clutter will keep lots of extra noise and weight out of the bedroom. Clutter is both mental and physical weight. If you clear out what you no longer need or want, you will create more space. Learning to live with less in general is an excellent way to keep the clutter at bay, and it also will streamline your life.
    • You can put some lavender sachets in your drawers to infuse the space with layers of fragrance and a high vibration.
    • Wash your sheets at least weekly and in a fragrance-free, nontoxic detergent, and toss your pillow in too, to free your bedroom of added bacteria and dust mites. I like to dry-clean my down comforters at a green cleaner every few months.
    • A couple should make sure to equally contribute to the décor of the bedroom and its arrangement. Often, only one person will do the decorating and the other person will not be represented in the space. Even if there is one main decorator out of a couple, both people should see their style and things they love in the bedroom.
    • Make the bed daily and make an effort to pick up clothes.
    • Put some art in your bedroom that creates an oasis for you. Challenging art, too dramatic in a confrontational way, can disturb your sleep.
    • Also, you can opt to keep the electronics out of your bedroom—iPads, TV, laptops, cell phones, video games: all have been proven to cause sleep disturbances. The constant light and noise alone can disturb your sleep cycle. Moreover, all of these devices emit electromagnetic waves, and while this is debated, they are thought to disrupt the nervous system and immune system.

Although these may seem like small things to try, if one stands out I encourage you to experiment. The importance of some clear, fresh space to relax and rejuvenate cannot be underestimated.