How I Switch to Fall Mode

By Anna Soref, Editor in Chief

When late October brings windy, chilly gray days to Northeast Ohio, my body and soul switch into fall mode readily on most days. There’s a turn inward, to the home and hearth. The boisterous gatherings of warm summer weather dwindle, and my social energy shifts to creating light and warmth in the home.

Some people get hooked on autumn as the season of death and don’t enjoy it. I prefer to look at it through the eyes of Albert Camus who said: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” While that may ring of cheesy optimism, for me it’s a reminder that perspective frames everything.

So during fall I remind myself of the gifts this season offers. Here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy fall:

Apple Picking

Here in Ohio we have an abundance of orchards to visit and enjoy picking our own apples. If you don’t have that option, pick up a new variety of apples at your market to try. Enjoy them simply sliced or sprinkled with cinnamon. Apples heaped in a bowl make a lovely autumn centerpiece.

Building Balance

During fall, feeling unbalanced can be common. The fluctuations in weather and light, along with falling leaves, can have one enjoying the season’s beauty one minute and missing summer the next. Sometimes autumn has us feeling a bit off. Ride this seesaw with a bit more balance by getting regular exercise, journaling or making time to engage in whatever activity brings you balance.

Open the Spice Jars

Certain spices are associated with fall for a reason—they are warming. Herbalist Brigitte Mars recommends ginger, black pepper, cardamom and cinnamon to boost circulation and offer a sense of warmth. Don’t cook? No problem! Simply add these spices to whatever foods you are enjoying.

Light a Flame

Fire reminds us that there is always light in the dark. The season’s first fire in the home hearth refreshes memories of the warm and cozy side of fall and the coming winter. Gathering around an outdoor fire pit or lighting a group of candles can also feed that desire for bringing light and warmth to the fall.

Hot Yoga

I switch out my outdoor cycling and head to the local hot yoga studio. Not only does exercising in the heat warm you to the core, but the practice of yoga is so grounding. Gazing out the studio window at the almost naked trees while paying attention to my breath and body leaves me feeling warm and ready for whatever the weather offers.

Halloween Ritual

Our corner house means we get hundreds of trick-or-treaters each year. My husband and I have a ritual that allows us to make the most of this fun holiday. We bundle up and bring chairs on to the front porch and sit under blankets and hand out candy together. We keep a thermos of something warm to sip close by. Instead of running to answer the door repeatedly, we can relax and enjoy the fall air and delightful children.