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Fun Ways to Save Money

Trying to save money equates to deprivation for many. If you get creative with it though, finding less expensive options can open a world of new and fun ways to do things. Here are five that can save you money and may even enrich your life.

Create community and get free food delivery with a food club.

Be a Hair Model

Get a high-end cut and possibly even color by serving as a model for students. Quality salons frequently host expert training sessions for their staff. They often need a head of hair to practice their new techniques on and will reward volunteers with free or discounted services. Since the stylists are experienced and under the watchful eye of the teacher, you don’t need to worry about mistakes. Simply call up some of the posh salons in your neighborhood and let them know you’d love to model for them.

Host a Clothes Swap Party

Combine a wardrobe update with a fun evening among friends. Just invite willing pals over, ask them to bring clothing they are ready to part with, and swap the night away. You can include accessories like belts, bags and jewelry. Everyone will come away with something new, and your closets will be less cluttered. Hint: Choose friends whose style you like.

Make Your Own Household Cleaners

Natural household cleaners are expensive. Making your own cleaning products is actually very simple, and many are made using the same staples—vinegar, baking soda, borax and essential oils, which you can buy more cheaply in bulk. Simply Google “DIY natural cleaning products” for recipes. Check out this Calmful Living quick and economical recipe for natural fabric softener.

Start a Food Club

Create community and get free food delivery with a food club. You cook one night for three or four families and deliver it to them and then they reciprocate. Several nights a month you will get food delivered right to your door but without the high cost of restaurant delivery. Chances are it will be healthier too. Check out this example of a vegan food club for details on how to create your own club.


Free food is yours for the finding when you forage—harvest edibles that naturally grow in urban and wild settings. This is a great way to procure gourmet ingredients like mushrooms, herbs and unique greens. This website offers information on getting started and a monthly newsletter highlighting one edible plant. This is a fun one for couples and families.