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Get Nutty with Your Milk

Rich and creamy with a hint of sweet, nut-based milks can be a welcome addition to any diet. They can be swapped out for dairy milk in many recipes, sipped by the glass or poured over cereal. Add them to smoothies for a creamy richness and protein.

Nuts offer minerals like calcium and iron, B vitamins and protein.
A wide array of nut milks, from hazelnut to almond, is available at most grocery stores, but it's fun make your own. Try getting the kids involved, and they'll be sporting almond-milk mustaches before you know it. It's also interesting to experiment making nut milks that aren't available commercially with nuts like pecan, Brazil and even pine nuts.
This video from My New Roots, the blog spot of holistic nutritionist Sarah Britton, gives you step-by-step instructions on making your own nut milk in about a minute.