A.M. in the City: Getting a Jump on the Day

by Whitney Tingle

I had a birthday recently and it got me thinking about all of the different things I would like to achieve in this "whole other year of existence."

One of those things is to start taking more advantage of my mornings and really begin to enjoy them. Now, I am not a morning person by any means (just one of the many reasons I love [co-]owning my own business and not working for the Man); but I KNOW the importance of getting up early and have made it something I want to truly embrace (see below for my reasoning).

I ponder, though, if this is something I will ever be able to accomplish, because I have spent so many years of my life trying to sleep in for just five more minutes. And I wonder, Am I getting too old to change my ways?

This got me thinking about our clients and how often we get asked if it is really possible for them to change their lifestyle and eating habits as well. So many of our clients come to us convinced that it is too late for them and that you just can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Luckily for me, and for them too, I have witnessed 100 percent of those clients make positive changes in their lives and truly change their eating habits, which gives me the confidence to know that I can do it too. You all are such an inspiration!

There isn't some magic number of days when all of a sudden I will be a totally different person with different habits (I'm not expecting to spring out of bed on the 21st day and greet the morning with a blue jay on my shoulder). It will always take work. For more inspiration, I am focusing on the added benefits I will get from achieving my goals; and that is what I encourage you all to do as well when looking at changing your eating habits.

    • Read about the benefits of different foods and supplements'like how the Aztecs used chia and spirulina to become super warriors and long-distance runners.

    • Discover all of the amazing powers your body can have. The body is an INCREDIBLE thing! Explore its outer boundaries.

    • Imagine what it would look like if you achieved everything you dream of. I know you'll be turning heads with that strong, healthy, hot bod, have the job you love and a supportive partner . . . and will be able to outrun a zombie if you have to!

My Reasons for Waking Up Early

When you get up earlier, you have a head start on the day. It is amazing how much more you can accomplish and experience in a day if you arise just a bit earlier than you "have to." Many of the most successful people I know (CEOs of companies, heads of banks, moms) get up early in order to have a competitive advantage (we're talking 4:30 in the morning early!). They have already done their personal tasks, taken care of their bodies, and been able to come into the office without stress; they have even seen the news and know what is going on in the world before we have gotten up!

In many yogi and Ayurvedic teachings it is encouraged to get up before the sun, when there is vata energy in the air. Vata is known as the "king of the doshas"* and is responsible for movement both in your body and in life. It is also an "air" energy, which is much more cerebral'a great time to get some thinking done. When the sun rises, the energy changes to kapha (the muscle energy); if you are already up, this will be an easier transition than coming from the depths of sleep.

I am looking forward to using this time to find peace of mind and tap into "the source." For me personally, I need some quiet, alone time in order to get to that point where I can hear the thoughts inside my own heart, and the hours when that vata energy is strong will be the perfect time to explore that.

What are your reasons for getting up early? Help give me more inspiration on our Facebook page.

With light & love,


*dosha: in Ayurveda, one of three vital bioenergies'vata, pitta and kapha'that help determine a person's physical, mental and emotional characteristics.


Whitney Tingle
Whitney is co-owner of Sakara Life Organic Meal Delivery, a weight-loss and healthy-living program based on a whole-food, plant-rich diet that includes fresh, nutrient-dense and delicious ingredients, delivered to all of New York City, with love.