Grainless Granola Gets Good

A granola without oats—can it be? Yup, and it’s good, really good. Paleonola is actually an entirely grainless granola that gets our two thumbs pointing skyward.

As you might have guessed from the name, Paleonola is based on the popular Paleo Diet principles—eat what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate for optimum health.

The purported benefits of a Paleo Diet are widely appealing, but the restrictions can seem daunting, particularly the one prohibiting grain, which is such a staple of our modern menu.

Whether you’re Paleo or not, a grain-free healthy alternative to all the sugar and unhealthy-fat-filled granolas out there is welcome anytime in our book—especially when it’s run by the quality-conscious husband-and-wife team Dinos and Katelyn Stamoulis.

Before founding Paleonola, Dinos played professional hockey and Katelyn worked in the professional golf industry. The couple brought their desire to maintain a sense of physical well-being into the next chapter of their lives, and thus Paleonola was born.

Paleonola’s mission is to provide the highest quality grain-free snacks, using all-natural ingredients with a “label you can actually read.” This means eliminating all the oats, grains and high-fructose corn syrup of common granola and replacing these with high-nutrient nuts, seeds and berries. Paleonola pays attention to the taste of its product—which comes in flavors like Maple Pancake and Chocolate Fix—as well as the integrity of its ingredients, using natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup, along with coconut, vanilla extract and cinnamon to add flavor.

The owners’ hope for Paleonola is simply that it will “allow you to spend more time living and less time worrying about what to eat.”

We say, “Grab a spoon!”