A Simple Guide to Healing Your Kids with Acupressure

If you have kids, you probably love the idea of using more natural approaches to keeping your little ones healthy. But let’s be real: It’s stressful (and can be scary) when your kids get sick. You just want their pain to go away, and it’s hard to think on the spot of alternatives to measuring out the literal and metaphorical cough syrup. There’s a new book that can help guide you through these tough moments.

Heal Your Kids With Acupressure by licensed acupuncturist Sara Calabro gives you the knowledge and peace of mind to heal your kids naturally. In 200+ pages, you’ll learn how to treat 30 common childhood ailments with your own hands.

“I wanted to create a manual for parents who are hungry for natural health solutions for their kids but understandably don’t know where to start,” says Calabro. “The amount of information out there is overwhelming, which inevitably leads to parents second-guessing themselves or giving their kids medication when maybe they didn’t need to. Heal Your Kids With Acupressure provides parents with simple, drug-free solutions for addressing the most common childhood conditions.”

What Acupressure Can Treat

From anxiety and fever to earaches and stomach aches—and many things in between—Heal Your Kids With Acupressure includes three different acupressure points for all 30 conditions. Each acupressure point is shown in a full-color photograph. You’ll also get the theory behind the point, its location, and instructions for performing acupressure.

“Not only is acupressure effective, but it is a powerful tool for facilitating connection between parents and their kids,” says Calabro. “Loving touch makes children feel more secure, confident, and capable of intimacy as adults. It makes them less anxious and depressed, and more comfortable in their own skin. Connecting with your children through touch is paramount to their health as adolescents and adults.”

At the end of Heal Your Kids With Acupressure, there’s even a bonus self-care section for parents. It includes three easy-to-access points that you can use anywhere, anytime to relieve stress.

Heal Your Kids With Acupressure is a digital book compatible with any device—desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Mobile access makes it easy to heal your kids at home or on the go!

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