In Austin, Fido Gets a Food Truck

By Dave Soref

It’s a beautiful day. You decide to go for a walk and bring the dogs with you. As you enjoy the cappuccino you treated yourself to from the park’s coffee cart, you notice your dogs looking up at you expectantly, tails wagging, and say to yourself, “Gee, I wish I had a treat for them.” So thought Austin, TX, resident Lara Enzor one day while enjoying a taco from a food truck as her two dogs drooled with envy. “I realized there are a lot of great food trucks here in Austin, but not a single one for dogs. I made up my mind that if I saw an affordable food truck for sale, I would buy it and set it up for pups.” Two weeks later, Enzor found that truck and Bow Wow Bones was born. Today, Bow Wow Bones’ festively painted truck is a fixture in Austin’s dog community and even in its robust food truck scene. “We recently participated in Truck by Truckwest, a big food truck rally here in Austin, where we were the only truck for dogs among sixty-five others for humans,” Enzor says.

What’s On the Menu?

Enzor places a premium on using high-quality, all-natural ingredients in her treats, which are made in a local pet bakery from recipes created by Enzor. Flavors include Peanut Butter, Salmon & Parmesan, Cheesy Apple, and Veggie. “We care about what’s in our pets’ food as much as our own food,” Enzor explains, adding that the truck sells natural treats from other local pet bakeries as well. And for dessert, there is Doggie Ice Cream—actually a proprietary blend of organic frozen yogurt and peanut butter. Prices start as low as a dollar for a single treat plus a bottle of local spring water, while five dollars gets you thirteen treats of your choice. “Pretty much everyone can afford a treat from our truck, and we like to keep it that way,” Enzor says, pausing to add, “we try to keep it affordable because some of those dogs are always forgetting their wallets.”

Trucking for Charity

Bow Wow Bones takes part in most of Austin’s pet-related charity events, including Pints for Pups, a fundraiser that is held in a local brewery. “Our truck is there for the doggies, and the brewery is there for the owners,” Enzor laughs, adding that they also do “yappy hours” for local apartment and condo complexes with large pet communities. If the weather is nice, Bow Wow Bones will roll over to one of the local dog parks, Tweeting and announcing on Facebook where they will be so people can find them. Dogs seem to have their own way of locating the truck. “It must smell really good to them,” Enzor admits, based on the reactions she sees from her “customers.”

New Offerings

Bow Wow Bones has just announced the debut of its first doggie vending machine, or “K-9 Kiosks,” which, if Enzor has her way, will be coming to your neck of the woods soon. Whatever the future may hold for Bow Wow Bones, Enzor is never happier than when on her truck. “What’s not to love when it’s a beautiful day and our customers are all around having a treat and wagging their tails? There’s nothing like it.” To learn more about Bow Wow Bones visit BowWowBones.net