Is Yoga after 50 the Best? Yes!

Yoga is one of those unique physical activities that can be practiced at almost every age. Yet when practiced in your fifties and beyond, yoga can be particularly powerful.

“Many people begin yoga after their fiftieth birthday. It’s a gift to give yourself that can help you feel calmer, better able to manage life’s challenges, and can help reverse some of those aches and pains,” says certified yoga instructor Veronica Zador, director of the Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy at Beaumont Hospital in Michigan.

“Many people begin yoga
after their fiftieth birthday.”

Yoga offers not just physical benefits, but many mental and emotional ones as well.

Yoga Quells Stress

“Many people over fifty feel more pressured, busy and active than ever,” Zador asserts. “Yoga has been shown to help the mind by promoting a greater sense of calm. People find that with simple movement and mindful breathing they begin to feel more calm, creative and efficient in the things they do every day.” She cites the following additional mental and emotional benefits of doing yoga in your fifties:

      •  Increased sense of comfort, calm and relaxation
      •  Better digestion
      •  Sounder sleep
      •  Less anxiety

Physical Benefits of Yoga

A growing number of studies show that beginning yoga after the age of fifty is a natural, healthy addition to your healthcare routine. Here are some of the physical benefits of yoga:

      • Improved posture and muscle retention
      • Fewer aches and pains
      • Better management of age-related diseases, such as high blood pressure,   osteoporosis, back pain, diabetes and heart disease
      • Increased strength, endurance and balance

Choosing a Yoga Class

Zador recommends visiting or calling several yoga studios to learn if they are able to adjust yoga practices to your specific needs and interests. “It’s important that you always feel welcome, comfortable, safe, and encouraged to ask any questions about your practice,” she says. “If you are over fifty, knowing you can have your own yoga tools to feel calmer can go a long way to help you feel terrific,” she says.