It's Actually Super Easy to Get Your Superfoods

Superfoods'a nutrition buzzword we see everywhere. Most of us know superfoods are those nutrient-dense, mostly plant-based foods. Some are easy enough to pick up at the grocery store: blueberries, kale, sweet potatoes and kiwis. But then there's yacon, maqui, dragon fruit and camu, to name a few. They may sound intriguing, but where do you get them?

One California-based company, Navitas Naturals, is making it easy for consumers to get their hands on these unique superfoods that are so nutrient dense they justify their "super" status. The small company sources many superfoods from around the world and packages them in easy-to-use formats, like powders for smoothies and dried slices or whole fruit for munching right out of the bag or using in trail mixes. Here are a few examples:

Dried mulberries: These dried fruits from Turkey offer a delicate sweet and almost floral flavor that is addictive. Navitas sources them from ancient fertile plains of Turkey, where they have been sustainably grown for thousands of years. They are harvested by shaking the tree, and only the ripe mulberries that drop to the ground are collected. In addition to many vitamins and minerals, mulberries are a surprising protein source at 3 grams per ounce.

Camu: Sometimes called camu camu, this berry traditionally grows on bushes in the Amazonian rainforest and is one of the highest vitamin C-containing foods (20 to 60 times more than an orange) found in nature. Navitas sources its camu from Peru, where it's grown organically along rivers. The tangy powder can be used in smoothies, desserts and dressings.

Yacon: A South American tuber that looks like a potato but tastes more like an apple, yacon adds sweetness as well as vitamins and minerals to recipes. Navitas's Yacon Syrup is obtained from Peru and is a natural source of inulin, a prebiotic that can help promote healthy bacteria growth in the gut. It's a suitable sweetener for diabetics and anyone looking for a healthy sugar alternative.

Navitas offers many more superfoods and descriptions of them, along with recipes, on their website. We like that all of their products are organic, non-GMO verified and sustainably sourced. Click here for recipes.