Jamie Oliver's 5 Tips to Get Your Kids Eating Healthily

We asked sizzling chef Jamie Oliver for some down-to-earth help on getting our precious little ones to eat better. Here's what he said....

From the father of four and chef extraordinaire comes this advice on feeding your kids:

Patience and persistence

JO: "So many parents tell me that their kids just won't eat anything. In my experience, whether in the UK or US, it simply hasn't been true. It takes some effort to get them to try new things, and they may not like everything, but there will always be some vegetable or dish that the kids will eat."

Teach your children basic cooking skills

JO: "Our parents' generation didn't grow up learning how to cook, so they didn't pass on the skills, and the schools have all but stopped teaching people about food and cooking. That's why I'm trying so hard to get food education back into schools. Cooking is a necessary skill."


JO: Grow something. A windowsill of basil and tomatoes will get the kids on the journey.

Talk to your kids about what healthy food is and what it does to their bodies

JO: "The problem isn't accessibility to food; it's accessibility to food education.

Visit www.jamiesfoodrevolution.com

JO: On the Food Revolution website, kids will eat all of those recipes: Caesar salad made with yogurt instead of mayo; BBQ chicken without all the sugar; lovely salads and dressings; a chili. But more important than specific recipes is that moms just keep trying new foods.