Leanne Vogel’s Irresistible Vegan, Gluten-Free Ice Pops

Purely Pops: 45 Recipes for Irresistible Vegan, Gluten-Free & Paleo Ice Pops

Reviewed by Anna Soref
purelypops-211x300After scrolling through Leanne Vogel’s Purely Pops e-cookbook, my first response is, where are my ice-pop molds? I do believe that Vogel has done for the ice pop what Alice Waters did for vegetables—she’s shown that using real and fresh ingredients results in gourmet, gorgeous and delicious treats. This book is a must for anyone who loves icy, creamy cold treats but wants vegan, gluten-free options.

Vogel, a holistic nutritionist and author of the blog Healthful Pursuit, calls for two to four healthy ingredients in most of her pop recipes. The creamy pops rely on nut and seed milks for their consistency. A section at the beginning of the book offers recipes for the adventurous chef wanting to make these milks herself (which Vogel says create a more creamy result than the store-bought versions). Often, chefs turn to bananas for dairy-free treats to add creaminess, but Vogel doesn’t use them in any of her pop recipes: I don’t eat bananas; so, for me, that was a big plus.

With 45 pop recipes, Vogel covers the gamut and breaks the book into four main sections:

Dessert Pops, like Cookies & Cream, Berry Shortcake and Sweet Potato Pie

Veggie Pops, like Cool Cucumber and Carrot Orange

Coffee & Tea Pops, like Coconut Latte, Columbiana and Green Lemonade

Fruit Pops, like Mango Chile, Herbs Lemonade and Sour Apple

Sweeteners used include coconut nectar and maple syrup, although Vogel covers other options and conversion scales for those.

Vogel also offers a nice Ice Pop Molds section, where she highlights her favorite molds available for making pops. There is a Tips section, but it doesn’t provide help for the problem I always encounter when making pops: the ingredients settle at the bottom.

Purely Pops will entice readers with the gorgeous full-color photos we’ve come to expect from Vogel. Parents will have fun scrolling through the book with kids and choosing their next culinary creation. I know I will be enjoying this e-book with my girls for some time to come.

We made the Chocolate Dip with Hemp Milk pops; check out our  review and get the recipe!

Plum Pops image by From Calculus to Cupcakes