Light Up the Dark

Regardless of which state you call home, the end of the year means less daylight. You may have one of those UV light boxes that you hover close to for an hour a day, or maybe you get by with the ol’ incandescents. Keep in mind that during these shorter dark days the humble candle can burn brightly. A burning wick may seem to only offer a mere flickering light, but it’s a warm and nourishing light—so we’ll take it!

Here are some tips for using candles and some candle companies we love.

    • Grab a bag of those cheap tea lights and strike a match. Place them in windowsills, on tabletops, or even on the floor if you don’t have pets. When you see tea lights on sale, grab a few bags so you will feel free to use them with abandon.

    • Next time you have people over, put some votives in paper bags and line the walkway to your door. You can punch holes into them if you want more light to shine through.

    • Invest in some good-quality aromatherapy candles. Place a stimulating one on your desk when you work. Light a love-blend or relaxing-blend one in your bedroom while getting ready for bed or reading in bed (or cuddling with someone).

    • If you have an unusable or unused fireplace, fill it with big pillar candles that glow when lit. Or group a bunch of pillars on a shelf.

    • Pretend there’s a blackout and forgo electricity for a night and use candles for light. This is a fun one with kids, or makes for a romantic night for two.

Candle companies we like:

Way Out Wax

This is one of those companies where you know that anything you order is chemical-free; their waxes, wicks and essential oils are all natural. If aromatherapy is your thing, check out their blends like Citrus Harmony, Escentual Love and Cozy Home.

Candle Bee Farm

There’s nothing like the gentle sweet smell of a pure beeswax candle. At Candle Bee Farm, candles are handcrafted from wax that comes from the farm’s hives.

Natural Candles

This company offers paraffin-free, 100 percent natural tea lights and other bulk candles at great prices. The candles are made from palm wax, a non-GMO renewable resource.