Natural Beauty Tips and Products for Quick New Year Pick-Me-Ups

After the indulgences of the holidays, many of us turn to clean eating to shed a few pounds, regain energy and get our healthy glow back. During this turn-around time, we wanted to offer you some tips—quick pick-me-ups—on your road to healthy. Kate Murphy, natural beauty expert and author of the blog Living Pretty Naturally, offers four ways to get your glow on.

1. Get the Natural Glow

An iridescent glow can transform skin instantly. While I favor eating foods that make you glow naturally (avocados and sweet potato, anyone?), there is nothing wrong with a little help now and again. To get the perfect glow day or night, I use a mineral-based highlighter. One of my favorite natural products is RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer. This brilliant highlighter will instantly get you glowing.

2. Glossy Locks without the Petrochemicals! 

Not only should your skin glow, but so should your hair. While the foods you eat will have a great impact on how shiny your hair is, so does the product you use on it. Try doing a natural hair mask in the morning using a hair-healthy oil such as coconut oil. Get the recipe for my easy and basic coconut oil hair mask here. Once you’ve shampooed out the mask and styled, help your ends stay lustrous with a few drops of argan oil. This oil is naturally nourishing and helps your hair shine. Place 2–3 drops on your palm, and rub it around in your hands before applying directly to the ends of your hair (do not put near the roots). Check out Kahina Giving Beauty’s pure argan oil, which only sources fairly traded ingredients.

3. Scent Yourself, Naturally

What natural beauty doesn’t love to smell pretty on special nights out? Most perfumes are filled with toxic additives, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t wonderful alternatives. Click here for a guide to the latest natural perfumes. Using essential oil–based perfumes is a brilliant way to smell like a goddess without harming yourself while wearing it.

4. Smile Bright like a Diamond

Having a little extra whiteness to your teeth can go a long way. Brush your teeth with straight baking soda in the morning and before a big night. While I don’t recommend doing this often, it is a great way to lift stains and instantly brighten before a big night out.