Natural Remedies Ease the Misery of Motion Sickness

Nothing ruins a fun time out and about more quickly than motion sickness. Whether the cause was a boat, a car or maybe that roller-coaster ride that looked so fun, feeling nauseous is just plain miserable. Easy natural treatments for motion sickness can prevent you from suffering, though, and without the side effects, like tiredness, that drugs can cause. The following remedies can stave off motion sickness. The best way to avoid motion sickness is to prevent it, so keep a first-aid kit on hand that you can reach for before adventuring out and during trips.

Ginger: Used for centuries in Asia to quell nausea, this warming, spicy herb is a must for motion sickness. Try keeping ginger capsules on hand or make a ginger iced tea to bring with you on a car trip. Ginger snaps are great as well and usually welcomed by children. Just make sure the cookies contain real ginger and not artificial flavoring. Ginger candies, like those from Ginger People, are convenient and delicious and pack a good dose of real ginger.

Acupressure wristbands: These lightweight bands put pressure on the P6 acupressure points, which acupuncturists believe are connected to nausea and vomiting. This company makes them in kids' sizes. Put the bands on before you drive, ride or sail.

Mint: Mint can help soothe a rumbling tummy. If feasible, take along some mint tea, iced or hot, to sip on your trip. Gum and mints with real mint can bring immediate relief. There are also mint capsules with mint oil that you can take before symptoms occur to stave off nausea.