Non-toxic DIY Liquid Sidewalk Chalk

Want to get your kids outside more this summer, or looking for a creative outlet for yourself? Here’s a fun project. Liquid sidewalk chalk can be made with basic kitchen ingredients, and the uses are endless. Make a yellow brick road to your front door, line your path with chalk flowers, create hopscotch and mazes, or allow the kids to play and get messy! Dress appropriately: the dye might stain clothes, but it easily washes off sidewalks and driveways.


    • 1 part warm water

    • 1 part cornstarch

    • Natural dyes: This is a replacement for food dyes normally used in this recipe. You can learn how to make your own  dyes here.


  1. Pour the water and cornstarch together in individual bottles or paint containers.
  2. Mix together until cornstarch is dissolved; it will be very liquidy but will thicken up over time.
  3. Add in the natural dye as desired. The more you add, the stronger the color. If you want pastels, add only a little.
  4. Shake up and use!