Press Here to Check the Mental Chatter

It’s helpful to have an array of tools in your calming arsenal, especially one as easy as pressing a point on your body. Acupressure is a method of sending a signal to the body to “turn on” its own self?healing mechanisms. It’s basically acupuncture without needles.

From an Asian medical perspective, the goal of acupressure is to restore flow to the meridians throughout the body. “It also takes you out of your head and into your body, says Sara Calabro, L.Ac., an acupuncturist and founder of AcuTake, where you can find a visual library of acupressure points. “By physically touching the point, you focus on that area and maybe some tenderness, which helps quiet—or at least refocus—the mind.”

She offers this easy?to?access point for calming the mind:


Use: Yintang is used to calm the mind. It’s great for people who have anxiety or related symptoms, such as insomnia due to overthinking. It alleviates monkey mind, the nonstop emotional treadmill on which many of us find ourselves—unsettled, agitated, anxious about things we can’t control. Yintang is also helpful for issues with the nose, such as stuffiness, postnasal drip, sinus congestion, and nosebleeds.

How to find it: Yintang is a single acupuncture point located between the eyebrows.

How to press: Press Yintang using firm pressure for 1–2 minutes, as needed (i.e., when you’re feeling stressed). It helps to close your eyes and breathe into your abdomen while you’re pressing this point.