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Greening Your Guts Smoothie

Chlorophyll is liquid sunshine. As you work to support your gut with healthy probiotic and enzyme-rich foods, chlorophyll helps in the rebuilding process with rich green nutrients that can actually feed the probiotics that are working so hard to keep you healthy.1 This gloriously green ingredient also supports the natural liver detox function and helps

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Easy Raw(ish) Cashew Cheese

We love the whole-food nut cheeses available at the supermarket, but the price tags often lead to sticker shock. Luckily, nut cheese is easy to make at home with pantry staples and a bit of patience. We love serving this cheese with nuts, whole-fruit jam and gluten-free crackers. Or folding it into garlicky pasta, plopping

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3 Creative Bone Broth Cups

Bone broth is a delicious and deeply nutritious way to soothe and nourish your body from the inside out. Adding one 8-ounce cup a day to your meal plan may help gently support immunity, detox pathways and digestive health. These savory blends can make daily bone broth a delicious habit and inspire you to concoct

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Homemade Nut-Milk Lattes

A lovely option for that late-afternoon energy lull or brain-boosting blast of fat and flavor in the morning, these delicious homemade nut-milk and herbal blends are soothing and delicious. The ingredients in these lattes are adaptogenic herbs that are very mild and safe for everyday use but can play a part in your food first-aid

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Vegan Mango Lassi & One-Pot Tikka Masala

Many people are intimidated by the thought of making Indian food at home, but once you stock your spice cabinet, it all comes together quite easily! If you’re just getting started, we recommend buying small amounts of spices in bulk, so you can get going on recipes without needing to splurge on ten new spice

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Huevos Rancheros with Easy Refried Pinto Beans

A classic skillet breakfast with a fresh avocado twist, this hearty combo is full of flavor and protein to start your day. Two corn tortillas sandwich simple hand-mashed refried pintos, then are topped with over-easy eggs and an avocado pico de gallo salsa. Though this recipe has four parts—frying tortillas, cooking refried beans, frying eggs

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Paleo Almond Bread

This is an easy, all-purpose grain-free bread—great for snacking, sandwiches and toast. Think of this bread as a solid foundation for baking exploration, and feel free to play around with additions like nuts, seeds, dried berries, or even chocolate chips. While ingredients like xanthan gum and guar gum are often found in gluten-free baked goods,

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Chickpea “Tuna” Salad

This quick recipe is a creamy, savory and delicious alternative to traditional tuna and chicken salads. Serve a scoop with gluten-free crackers, atop romaine lettuce boats, or in a classic sandwich. If you want a softer texture, consider soaking dry chickpeas overnight and cooking them with a piece of kombu instead of using canned chickpeas.

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Chocolate-Zucchini Protein Muffins

Part zucchini bread, part banana bread, part brownie, these vegan and gluten-free protein powerhouses are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast, snack or post-workout nosh. Spend an hour whipping these up on a weekend, and enjoy a boost throughout the week—they’ll last up to seven days in the fridge! Feel free to use your favorite protein powder;

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Baked Eggplant Parmesan Nuggets (Gluten-Free)

Savory, crunchy, cheesy and totally dippable, these baked nuggets taste like fried eggplant parmesan and can be eaten with your hands! These patties are also awesome in sandwiches or as a crunchy side to an Italian chopped salad. If you can find gluten-free panko breadcrumbs, these nuggets will be extra crispy, but regular breadcrumbs or

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