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How to Sleep Better with Your Partner

While the idea of sharing a bed with someone may be appealing, the reality is that many of us sleep better alone. That’s because sleeping with another person can be challenging. It requires adjusting some of your bedtime habits and accepting someone else’s. If you’re committed to bed sharing, there are some simple strategies

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9 Unique Ways to Honor a Deceased Pet

Most of us have experienced the heartache that comes with the death of a pet. We often yearn to do something to honor the animal’s life, but struggle with how to do so. “When Aunt Sue dies, you know what to do. But a very small number of people will hold a traditional memorial service

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Friend Power—It’s Stronger Than You Think

By Anna Soref, Editor in Chief I’m sitting on a terrace at the Nemacolin Spa in Pennsylvania, laughing. Not a tinkling trill but those guffaws where your eyes water and your hands go to your stomach because it hurts. I’m hanging with my squad, as my teenage daughters refer to my girlfriends, and we’re having a

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Partner Up for a Better Workout

Got a significant other? If so, you might want to try working out together. Research shows that exercising with a partner can benefit your workout and your relationship. Here’s how. Sticking with It When you’re feeling unmotivated, who better to encourage you to work out than your sweetie? He or she knows

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Snuggle Therapy

A hug is much more than simply a gesture of love or affection; it’s also a release of hormones that can instantly change your mood. One major hormone that’s released is oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of pleasure and reduces anxiety and stress. A recent study by researchers at the University of

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The Relaxed Approach to Increasing Sex Drive

The talents at LEAFtv created this short and sweet video of five simple yoga poses that may get you in the mood. The poses can strengthen Kegel muscles and get blood flowing to all the right places. The next time you need a romance boost, try one, or all five, of these poses—may we

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Spontaneous Smooches = Spontaneous Stress Relief

Kissing is thought to relieve stress by releasing feel-good endorphins and creating a sense of connectedness. Whether it’s a surprise kiss over breakfast or a big smooch when you walk through the door at the end of the day, grabbing kisses from your partner here and there can actually relieve stress. According to a study of

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