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Chickpea “Tuna” Salad

This quick recipe is a creamy, savory and delicious alternative to traditional tuna and chicken salads. Serve a scoop with gluten-free crackers, atop romaine lettuce boats, or in a classic sandwich. If you want a softer texture, consider soaking dry chickpeas overnight and cooking them with a piece of kombu instead of using canned chickpeas.

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Poke Bowls with Homemade Seaweed Salad

Poke bowls are a delicious way to take advantage of the essential fatty acids in saltwater fish; but you don’t need to shell out for that fancy poke restaurant to get your fix—homemade poke simply calls for fresh fish and a few pantry staples! Since the preparation is mostly raw, you can have a fresh,

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Rainbow Summer Salad Rolls with Kimchi Peanut Dipping Sauce

Salad rolls, also known as fresh rolls, spring rolls or Vietnamese rice-paper rolls, are a wonderful appetizer or light meal that packs a rainbow of fresh vegetables into a thin rice-paper wrapper. The options are endless—experiment with your own fillings, such as shrimp, cooked chicken or even nontraditional combinations like sliced turkey and apple. These

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3 Mason Jar Summer Salads—with Dressing Ideas!

Mason jar salads are an easy way to prep a week’s worth of lunches or dinners ahead of time. There’s a gentle art to layering them in the jar to keep delicate ingredients crisp and fresh while marinating the more dense, hearty and crisp vegetables in your favorite dressings: Keep your dressing on the bottom;

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