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Poke Bowls with Homemade Seaweed Salad

Poke bowls are a delicious way to take advantage of the essential fatty acids in saltwater fish; but you don’t need to shell out for that fancy poke restaurant to get your fix—homemade poke simply calls for fresh fish and a few pantry staples! Since the preparation is mostly raw, you can have a fresh,

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Anti-inflammatory Chili & Lime Salmon

Salmon is one of the top ten foods for an anti-inflammatory diet due to its omega-3 fatty acids. This delicious recipe is a great way to add more salmon to your diet, since it cooks quickly and can be prepared easily on a busy weeknight. Serve this with roasted vegetables or a colorful salad

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Feel-Good Anti-inflammatory Salmon Bowl

This delicious dish combines all of the favorite anti-inflammatory superfoods into one hearty bowl! The Anti-inflammatory Salmon Bowl starts with a base of protein-packed quinoa, which is topped with spinach, salmon and blueberries, along with a simple drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon. You can also save time by doubling

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Easy Anti-inflammatory Lemon-Rosemary Salmon

From the Calmful Living Kitchen Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to help reduce inflammation in the body, keep cortisol from spiking, and boost mood. If you’re new to cooking with fish, or are looking for easy recipes to incorporate more salmon into your diet, this is

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Sustainable Arctic Char with Potato-Morel Salad and Leek Vinaigrette

This recipe comes from renowned sustainable seafood chef Cindy Pawlcyn, author of four cookbooks and owner/chef at two Napa Valley locations and Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Cindy’s Waterfront restaurant. Fillets are served with a warm or room-temperature salad that features springtime favorites: small new potatoes, first-of-the-season asparagus, fresh leeks and earthy morel mushrooms. The fish,

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