Seasonal Comfort Food Goes Paleo and Dairy-Free

If fun, nourishing and experimental is how you like your holiday food, then the dishes from Sonnet Lauberth’s Seasonal Comfort Food eCookbook would be welcomed by guests at your holiday table. With 59 recipes free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy and sugar, chances are you’ll be turning to this e-book every year when the fall weather kicks in.

The first thing I noticed, and appreciated, about this book was tone. There’s no diet talk or eat-this-way-or-you-will-die-speak. Basically, Lauberth excitedly shares her own experience with eating healthier versions of comfort foods: you feel better when you ditch the processed junk.

“Comfort food doesn’t have to be a bad thing and in fact, I want us to think of it as a good thing,” the veteran food blogger writes in the intro. “I believe there can be comfort food that we not only enjoy because it tastes delicious, but it also makes us feel good while respecting our bodies and the environment.”

To inspire us, she offers tips for menu planning and shopping GMO-free and organic. I like that she includes the Clean 15—low-pesticide options of non-organic produce, since they can be cheaper or more widely available. She also offers tips on shopping the farmers’ market and using your CSA shares.

The first section of recipes centers on cauliflower rice. For Lauberth, who is part Asian, rice is a staple in her diet. But she’s found she feels better eating this no-grain version of rice. Along with the recipe for cauliflower rice you’ll find a variety of recipes made with the “rice,” including Sage & Pecan Stuffing and Creamy Coconut Rice.

The soup section entices with Creamy Mushroom Soup that relies on cashews for the “cream” and Chicken Noodle that replaces pasta with spiralized veggie noodles.

Lauberth writes that when she decided to do a comfort food book, she knew pizza would have to be included, but how was the question. Her answer comes in the Meat section of the book with her daring Pepperoni Pizza Stir-Fry. Before you go “Eww,” as I did, this recipe, which calls for broccoli, green pepper, mushrooms and tomato sauce, could just satisfy that pizza craving, and without the white flour.

The Vegetarian section boasts ten unique and hearty dishes that offer great stick-to-your-ribs entrées for a chilly night or holiday table.

The last section of the book, Vegetables & Sides, offers recipes that would impress at potlucks or as your contribution at a dinner party. Pan-Fried Brussels Sprouts with Onions and Pine Nuts or Massaged Kale Caesar Salad will get you many “Where did you get this recipe?” questions to field.

The photos in Seasonal Comfort Food mirror those on Lauberth’s blog—they’re bright, beautiful and reflect real food made by a real person. The e-book is easy to navigate and the PDF format downloads onto just about any gadget.

We wanted to get cooking right away once we had this book on our desktops; we made Cauliflower Rice, along with Sage & Pecan Stuffing. Find out what we thought.