Stahlbush Island Farms

Sometimes, frozen produce is healthier than that at the grocery store where it may have had to travel long distances, losing vital nutrients and flavor. We love frozen fruit for smoothies, and frozen veggies certainly come in handy at times. We think Stahlbush Island Farms does frozen right.

The Corvallis, Oregon-based farm's fruits, vegetables and grains (yes, they offer frozen black-eyed peas, lentils, rice and more) are picked ripe and then processed right away at the farm's plant (which uses special technology that makes it carbon neutral). You'll find their products in grocery store freezer sections in the 100 percent biodegradable bag they created and didn't patent so that others could use the environmentally friendly technology. Stahlbush owners Bill and Karla Chambers live on the farm, where they've raised four children. Visit the recipes section of their website for tons of recipes based on their products. Click here to see a few of our favorites.