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A Stress-Less Approach to Making Money

If you feel like your financial life could use a boost, pick up a copy of You Are a Bad*ss at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero. Even if you don’t identify as someone who’s money challenged but you like the idea of making more money while doing work you love, go get the book. Sincero’s funny, get-real plea to stop stressing about money and start making more of it is an inspiring call to action for just about anyone.

The book is more psychology than how-to. It’s primarily a book about changing your attitude around money, not a step-by-step walk through how to make it. The approach reflects Sincero’s message that you can’t break financial barriers while carrying around the financial baggage that so many of us have. Those looking for a get-rich-quick guide won’t find it here, although the book is not without practical advice—every chapter ends with thought-provoking exercises to help put the ideas into action.

Here are five ways Sincero says you can start walking the path of financial badassery.

Focus on “Why” Instead of “How”

Details are the downfall of so many great ideas. Forget about how you’re going to make money right now. What matters much more, according to Sincero, is the “why” behind your desire to grow financially.

“If you’re going to make more money, you need to get in touch with the emotions surrounding your incentive for making it, because emotions are what drive you into action,” says Sincero.

She advises getting as specific as possible when thinking about your “why.” What are your reasons for wanting to make more money? What will you do with it? How will that change your life? How will it make you feel? The more specific, the better.

Let Go of Fear

Most of us have been conditioned over a lifetime to prioritize security in our financial lives. But by realizing that security is often an illusion, you can liberate yourself to start living in a more fulfilling way.

“I’m talking about freeing yourself up to thrive in abundance instead of living life clinging to your fears,” Sincero says. “I’m talking about focusing on your heart’s desires, on infinite possibility, on enjoying the crap out of your life instead of worrying about what you might lose.”

Choose Your Words Carefully

“What comes out of your mouth comes into your life,” says Sincero, which is why she advises to start paying close attention to how you talk about your financial self. If you’re constantly saying you’re broke or bad with money, or that you can’t afford things, you’re helping to will those things into existence. Change the script. Start talking about money, and specifically your relationship to it, in a more positive way.

“Because we are creatures of habit who tend to have our words on repeat, they become like a chisel that forms grooves in our minds, playing the same stories over and over, anchoring our thoughts and beliefs and defining our reality,” Sincero explains.

Find Gratitude

Sincero says that through gratitude, “you’re basically matching your frequency to the frequency of the Universe via thoughts and feelings of love.” Are things always going to go swimmingly on your journey to financial success? Not even close. But it’s entirely within your power to decide how you want to view those experiences.

“You can choose to be a victim to your circumstances or take responsibility for how you choose to perceive them,” says Sincero.

Next time you hear yourself complaining, either to a friend or just in your own head, stop and say “thank you” instead. Reframe whatever situation you’re complaining about into something you can be grateful for. If you’re willing to look hard enough, it’s always there.


We are capable of incredible feats when we make a decision and commit. Sincero points out that a key part of becoming rich is deciding to become rich. Not deciding in the sense that it’d be nice to have, better than struggling; but deciding once and for all to make it a top priority. And don’t get hung up on all the things you can’t do because you’re focused on making money—there will be plenty of time for those later.

“Figure out how you’re going to get rich, make the no-nonsense decision to keep going until you reach your goal, and, as part of your reward, you’ll get to do all the other things you couldn’t do while you were busy sticking by your decision to get rich,” says Sincero.

If you’ve decided but don’t know where to start, break down your to-do items into chunkable pieces. Tackle one at a time, and keep reminding yourself that you’ve already done the hardest part: You’ve decided. The rest is just details.