The Surprising Benefits of Making Your Bed Every Day

By Anna Soref, Editor in Chief

For years I intentionally didn’t make my bed. Why should I, I wondered. It seemed like five minutes wasted. Then I started hearing about this benefit of the daily practice: If you begin each day with making your bed, then each day begins with an accomplishment. This, I heard, would set your day on an upbeat note. I decided to give it a try. We’re not talking hospital corners or anything; I pretty much take two minutes each morning to pull up the duvet and sort out the pillows.

So the accomplishment piece didn’t really work for me. Making my bed didn’t register as an accomplishment any more than making a cup of coffee or brushing my teeth. But there were other surprising benefits.

 1. I actually enjoy the ritual of making the bed. It transitions me from sleep time to wake time. It offers me a closure to the past 24 hours and sets me up for the new day.

2. I love seeing a made bed whenever I enter the bedroom. The effect of seeing a made bed is surprisingly calming. Somehow it sends me a message that no matter what else is going on in my day, there’s calm in the bedroom.

3. Then there’s the pleasure of pulling back the covers each night. I used to only enjoy this at hotels. At the end of a hectic day I especially love the calmful feeling of not having to sort out sheets and blankets before getting into bed.

Do you make your bed every day? If not, give it a try. You might find you enjoy the calmful ritual and the same benefits that I have.