Tips to Get Kids to Eat Beans

Rich in fiber, protein and minerals, beans are truly a wonder food. Getting children to eat beans, though, can be difficult. One trick to creating bean-loving kids is to introduce beans into their diet as early as possible and offer them often. Here are some ways to incorporate beans onto your child’s plate—and into his or her mouth:

Bowl of garbanzos: Toddlers love to pop these in their mouths. Or you can add a small container of them to the lunchbox.

Black bean salsa: Adding some canned black beans to salsa is an easy way to turn this into a protein-rich snack when served with tortilla chips.

Quesadilla: Boost this kid favorite with black beans; start with just a few if you get resistance.

Hummus: Made from garbanzos or black beans, the varieties on this dip are endless (check out premade options at your grocery store for a timesaver).

Beanwiches: Simply mash any bean and use in place of cheese on a sandwich.

Soupful o’ beans: Add any kind of bean to canned or homemade soup.

Baked beans: Kids love these, and they are a great way to get kids to down beans—try serving them with veggie hot dogs.