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Make Yoga Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Travel is great for expanding the mind and enriching the soul; but let’s face it, being out of your normal routine can mess with you emotionally and physically. Thankfully one of the best tools in your self-care arsenal is also one of the easiest to use no matter where you go—yoga. Not only can

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Best Fall Foliage Road Trips

By Catherine Gregory Autumn is here, which means it’s time for dazzling displays of colorful fall foliage. You can always settle for sights in the city, but September and October are great months for a leaf-peeping road trip along gorgeous scenic routes. Here are some of the country’s best two-lane vistas for soaking

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How to Work Remotely for a Year and Travel the World

By Linda Knittel, Editor-in-Chief As a writer, I can technically do my job from anywhere. And while I adore Portland, Oregon, where I have lived the last couple of decades, I do romanticize the idea of traipsing around the world—writing stories from exotic locales. That’s why I was so intrigued when my friend

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Delayed Flight? Remain Calm and Travel On

If you’ve flown on a plane, chances are you’ve experienced a delay. When that announcement rings out, the reaction is often annoyance, concern or even anger. Sure, let yourself feel that for a moment or two, and then move on. A delay isn’t the end of the world, and given the right perspective, it

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Peek inside These Acupuncture Clinics

By Sara Calabro of AcuTake The experience of getting an acupuncture treatment can vary widely, depending on where you go. Not all acupuncturists are created equal—nor are their work spaces. Acupuncture is offered everywhere from luxury spas and physical-therapy offices to minimalist community clinics and 1970s’ Airstreams. Some acupuncturists outfit their spaces

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Is a Yoga Retreat for You?

You’ve seen the ads—an open-air studio filled with yogis in Down Dog amid a backdrop of the Caribbean. Or maybe it’s a winter lodge surrounded by snow-capped mountains with the yogis meditating in front of a roaring fire. Yoga retreats can look pretty darn good. In most cases they are, and can even be

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4 Great Retirement Towns

Whether you’re ready to retire or just ready to get your calm on, these U.S. towns offer four options for living a low-stress life. We’ve picked these four because of their ease of livability and their access to nature, and many even boast sophisticated cultural attractions. Boise, Idaho At the intersection

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The Cozy Call of Tiny House Hotel

< Nestled among the artsy shops and trendy restaurants of Portland, Oregon’s Alberta Arts District sits Caravan, the world’s first tiny house hotel. In 2013, small-living enthusiasts Deb Delman and Kol Peterson transformed a car repo lot into a peaceful urban campground. “Tiny houses tap into something deep and old like the pull of a dollhouse.”

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Easy Real Food While Camping

Ever notice how amazing food tastes eaten around a campfire after a long day of backpacking? Even boxed mac and cheese or freeze-dried soup can seem pretty tasty out in the wilderness. But spend a few meals in a row eating such typical camping fare and the high-sodium, low-nutrient content will start to take

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