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Make Yoga Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Travel is great for expanding the mind and enriching the soul; but let’s face it, being out of your normal routine can mess with you emotionally and physically. Thankfully one of the best tools in your self-care arsenal is also one of the easiest to use no matter where you go—yoga.

Not only can you practice yoga virtually anywhere, but it may also help tackle the ups and downs of travel—from easing jet lag and reducing stress and the tightness that comes with being in small spaces to providing a boost of sheer energy when you’re dragging.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your mobile yoga practice.

Get on Your Mat First Thing

When you’re dealing with different time zones, different beds and different languages, a steady means of comfort is the practice of yoga. No matter how tired you are or how long the plane flight, practicing a little yoga first thing might help you reset physically and psychologically.

Let Your Breath Ground You

If you need to “come down” after a long day of travel, take a slower, more deliberate pace, being compassionate with your muscles, joints and nervous system. On the flip side, if you need to wake up, perhaps do a flow that is more vigorous and stimulating.

Either way, take a few minutes before your physical practice to rest quietly and reclaim your breath. This can be as simple as just sitting with your eyes closed and watching the breath move in and move out.

Twist to Unwind

Spending long periods of time on planes, trains, and in automobiles can leave your body tight and achy, and your digestion, well, sluggish. Practicing a few opposing poses may help unwind those tight spots and get things moving.

If you've been sitting all day and your front body is contracted and angry, move it in the exact opposite direction using hip openers and any form of back bends. Twists—either seated or standing—can help to “reset” your digestive tract and help with elimination.

Trust What Five Minutes Can Do

Squeezing in full workouts can be a challenge when you’re traveling for work or on vacation, but yoga can help transform you in no time flat. You can accomplish a tremendous amount in just five minutes. You can do five Sun Salutations, or simply sit comfortably for five minutes watching your breath without letting your mind get pulled into its drama.

Please speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.