Yogi Kathryn Budig on a Balanced New Year

By Anna Soref
CL Editor in Chief

You can always count on yogi Kathryn Budig for a dose of good wisdom minus the attitude or ego. So, who better to shed some light on New Year’s rituals you know, the hype and then the stuff that’s really worthwhile to help us find balance?

If you aren’t familiar with Budig, she’s pretty much all over the yoga map. You’ll find her writing on HuffPost, MindBodyGreen and Yoga Journal. She travels the globe, offering yoga workshops and online classes via YogaGlo.

We were able to catch up with Budig and get her insights, personal rituals and tips for a balanced new year. (We’re happy she gives a resounding endorsement to sleep and love of food.) Here’s the OC Q&A:

Calmful Living: How do you view a new year? Do you see it as a time for renewal, change, reflection, or . . . ?

Kathryn Budig: I view the New Year in the way that I view every new moon or full moon—it’s a beautiful cycle and opportunity to set intention, meditate and reflect. Ideally this is something we do on a regular basis, but I’m always a fan of calendar dates that remind us to slow down and reflect on how we’re doing, what we can improve and where we want to go.

CL: What sort of practices will you be doing to bring in a balanced 2015?

KB: Everything that I’m already doing now: my daily meditation practice, my yoga practice, my practice of honesty and love with my husband, my practice of generosity and playfulness with my friends, and my practice of offering my talents and passions with my students and in my writings.

CL: What sort of poses might you be doing a bit more of early in a new year?

KB: I don’t change my poses according to the time of year, but rather alter them to fit each day and mood. I might pick a project posture, but I’m always a work in progress; so I will use the New Year as an extra burst of intention and energy.

CL: Can you offer three ways for our readers to find balance?

KB: 1. Be open to the good and bad—it’s natural and called real life. Nothing is good or bad; it’s just how you perceive it. Keep your intention strong and it will pull you through anything and everything.

  1. Sleep! We’re such a busy world these days. Work hard and rest hard. Give your body and mind the time to recover with plenty of sleep and time to meditate.
  1. Love your food. Learn to cook in the new year! It doesn’t need to be fancy, but learn simple recipes so you can see exactly what’s going into your meals (aim for organic, nonprocessed food) and cast some major love into each ingredient. Food is meant to be enjoyed with those we love and can be the catalyst for some of our best memories. Don’t get down on yourself over the holidays—indulge when you need to, but always come back to listening to what your body needs and how you can nourish it.

CL: What foods will you be eating more of in 2015?

KB: I’m constantly cooking and creating recipes (I’ll have fifty in my upcoming book, Aim True, which will release in January 2016), and finding ways to make delicious, nutritious foods without depriving the flavor or enjoyment factor. I plan on exploring plenty of restaurants, cuisines, cookbooks and blogs to keep me creative and passionate.