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Organic Life Vitamins FAQs

Organic plant-sourced energy with other important nutrients to give your body a daily foundation of premium nutrition.

Is Organic Life Vitamins Organic?

Yes, Organic Life Vitamins is plant-based and certified organic. The front label shows the USDA Certified Organic symbol. OLV is a sweetened with organic stevia and uses organic flavors.

How much fiber does Organic Life Vitamins contain?

A serving of Organic Life Vitamins contains less than ½ gram of fiber.

Can you take this product in conjunction with Plant Sourced Minerals?

Yes. While our Plant Sourced Minerals product also contains a complex of minerals, you can safely consume both products and still be well below the daily upper limits of these minerals as determined by the Food and Drug Administration.

What is in the mineral complex in Organic Life Vitamins?

The mineral complex in Organic Life Vitamins is made up of over 72 ionic trace minerals. The complex is harvested by solar evaporation from the pristine shores of the Great Salt Lake in Utah and packed in an FDA cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. A full list of the minerals included in our complex can be provided by our customer service team at (866) 416-9216.

Is this product vegan?

No. Our Organic Life Vitamins is dairy-free and vegetarian. The vitamin D used in this product comes from the lanolin found in sheep's wool. Sheep get their winter coats sheared every summer and their wool is used for garments and the like; lanolin is extracted from this wool which is a very rich, natural source of vitamin D. While sheep are not harmed in this process, the vitamin D does come from an animal source.

Should I take Whole Life Daily Multi and Organic Life Vitamins together?

These are both daily multivitamins with very similar formulas. By taking both products, you would essentially be doubling your multivitamin consumption for the day. If you take Organic Life Vitamins regularly, we suggest using Whole Life Daily Multi as a convenient way to take your daily multi with you when you travel.

Is this product still good after it’s been exposed to heat?

For maximum efficacy, we recommend our products be stored in a cool, dry place and not exposed to excessive temperatures. Once they are opened, our liquid products should remain refrigerated.