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Argan Oil: Meet Morocco's Beauty Secret

There's a lot to like about argan oil, or Moroccan oil as it's often called. This one simple ingredient can be used as an antiaging skin serum, cleanser (yes, cleanser; see below), hair conditioner and body hydrator. Although it's often added to expensive beauty products, just the plain oil is a beauty multitasker extraordinaire.

The oil, derived from the seeds of the argan tree, which is found primarily in Morocco, is abundant in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, especially vitamin E'all great for the skin.

Pick some up at your local natural products store and try it for the following uses:

Oil cleansing: Rub several drops of argan oil into the facial skin for a few minutes. Cover face with a hot towel until it cools down, and then wipe your face well.

Face moisturizer: Apply a few drops to clean skin. Begin just once a day until the skin gets used to it, then use morning and night if desired.

Hair treatment: Apply a generous amount of argan oil to hair and scalp. Cover with a hot towel for ½ hour, then wash and condition.

Body moisturizer: Apply argan oil to your body after showering while the skin is still damp.

Nail and hand treatment: Apply oil to hands as needed and around the cuticles for a softening treatment.