Lunchskins: Bag Plastic Baggies

Just about nothing’s as handy as small resealable plastic baggies when it comes to making lunch. But for the sustainably minded lunch packer, that convenience comes along with a guilty conscience with each baggie filled and then destined for a landfill. This awareness is what led three moms to create LunchSkins reusable lunch bags.

“We truly started around a kitchen table in a very grassroots way after a lively discussion with friends about our kids, the environment, and the power of small choices that can make a big difference,” says cofounder Kirsten Quigley. “Our goal was to change the hearts and minds of kids regarding the issue of plastic waste; ultimately to raise a generation of kids that believed green was mainstream,” she recounts. After developing several ideas and testing them in local schools, it quickly became clear that the product parents wanted most was a modern alternative to the disposable plastic bag and an easy solution to plastic waste. LunchSkins were born.

LunchSkins are reusable, nontoxic durable bags with Velcro closures that come in a wide variety of fun colorful designs. We like them because they can take a beating, take up less space than hard-sided containers, and you can flip them inside out and put them in the dishwasher. Kids like them because the fun vibrant patterns pass the cool test.

During the course of the past five years, LunchSkins bags have prevented 750 million disposable plastic bags from going into landfills and waterways (based on the idea that 1 lunchskin saves 500+ plastic bags). “This is just the beginning for us,” Quigley explains. “Our goal is to inspire the next generation to be proactive about finding new solutions to waste that will have a positive impact on our planet.”

Parents themselves, the owners of LunchSkins involved their kids in the company. “Our families were intimately involved in product development, testing, marketing, customer service and distribution in the very early years,” says Quigley. “They stuffed online orders and delivered product for school fundraisers. They’ve carried LunchSkins into elementary school, middle school and high school.”

To find out more about LunchSkins, visit www.lunchskins.com